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God - 12 Abominations

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Our Resurrected Bodies in Heaven - 7 Facts

Paradoxes Concerning Christ

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satan - 16 Facts

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Symbols of satan and the antichrist and coming judgment

The antichrist - 21 Facts

Why Christians Suffer-25 Reasons/Proper Reactions-13


As the end times approach we cannot allow ourselves to go to sleep. We cannot allow ourselves to be conformed to this world. We cannot allow ourselves to get numb or to think that "oh well', this is just how things are! The world changes. ....no... we must keep our lamps full. We must be a voice that reaches others with the truth. We must teach those we come into contact with, the message of Jesus Christ and to lead them to a place to where they can make the decision to serve Him.

Prophecies are being fulfilled and prophecies of things yet to come are being told. This site was developed to post information regarding prophecies and the return of Jesus Christ.

That is our mission.



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