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The Chosen For The Last Battle

If you have manuvered around our site, you have discovered the great love and faith we have in Jesus Christ.

Over a course of the past four months, God has visited me during my sleep. He has given me prophetic dreams and He has given me personal visitations. THE CHOSEN FOR THE LAST BATTLE is my account of a visitation that He gave to me in February of 2001.

I suddenly found myself among others. We were walking in a line across, what reminds me as being a "scaffold". Jesus Christ was at the front of the line leading us.

I wasn't sure where we were exactly, but I felt as though we may have be walking through the inner depths of hell. It was dark and mundane so dreary all around.

As I said, there were other people there as well. I was approximately third in-line. Meaning, as we walked, Christ was leading the way and behind Him was someone and I was next. There were people behind me. Jesus was not walking with a "casual or relaxed" stride, but with the walk of an absolute warrior. His strides were "powerful", "confident" and "aggressive".

As we walked I simply thought, "What am I doing here...How...did I get here? Should I be here,.... is this really Jesus or something who is trying to appear as Jesus?". No sooner had I thought that, Jesus stopped and turned to me pointed his finger and said something that let me know, yes, He was Jesus. (I don't recall what those words were, but He had read my mind!). He also let me know that it was okay that I had questioned who He was.

In his hand was a scroll. He looked at me, pulled the scroll open and said, "These are the warriors that I have chosen to serve in the last 26 hours of the battle." As I looked at the scroll, I could not see names with my physical eyes. But my 'spirit man' could see them. My spiritual eyes began looking down the list. (I was looking for my Mom's name). You see, she is so precious and such a warrior. She raised five of us kids up in a Christian home. Her knees are calloused from where she has done spritual warfare on our behalf. I looked at Jesus, and said, "What about Marge?" He firmly replied, "Margie will be okay."

My name was on the list, my Mothers friend "Thelma", was on the list, my sister "Renee" is on the list and many many others. I guess what astounded me the most was - the "warriors" that God has chosen to serve in the last 26 hours of the battle. They were -


Don't misunderstand...the list was NOT made up entirely of females. The people on the list were not people who held great political positions or offices. They were not wealthy, they were not icons. They WERE people that The World considered to be the least.

This does NOT surprise me now. God clearly states in the Bible that those who are considered to be "the least" on earth, shall be considered "great" in heaven.

I don't recall anything following Gods showing me the scroll.

I do remember, quite clearly, the face of a young woman who was standing behind me. When I first turned to look at the line of people behind me, my eyes fell upon the face of the girl standing behind me. We both looked at one another and were thinking the same thing, "WHAT are we doing here???" This young woman had brown shoulder length hair, was about 4 feet tall and had the biggest, roundest brown eyes I had ever seen. I would know her if I passed her on the street. Her face is still that clear in my mind. I know that I will see her again. At another time, in another place.

As I have more visitations and prophecies, we will add them to this site.

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