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Paradoxes Concerning Christ

The very life and ministry of Jesus Christ was itself a divine paradox.

1. He hungered, yet fed multitudes.
Matt. 4:2; John 6

2. He thirsted, yet is the Water of life.
John 19:28; 4:14

3. He grew weary, yet is our rest.
John 4:6; Matt. 11:29-30

4. He paid tribute, yet is the King of kings.
Matt. 17:27; Rev. 19:16

5. He prayed, yet hears our prayers.
Mark 14:32-42; John 14:13-14

6. He wept, yet dries our tears.
John 11:35; Rev. 21:4

7. He was sold for 30 pieces of siler, yet redeems the world.
Matt. 26:15; I Pet. 1:18-19

8. He was led as a sheep to the slaughter, and yet is the Good Shepherd.
Isa. 53:7, John 10:11

9. He was put to death, yet raises the dead.
John 5:25; 19:33



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