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GENERAL Prophecies

1. The eating of the forbidden fruit to bring physical and spiritual death. Gen. 2:17 Gen. 3:7-8; 5:5
2. The Flood to occur in 120 years Gen. 6:3 Gen. 7:10
3. The Flood never to be repeated Gen. 9:15 testimony of history
4. Canaan to be a servant to his brothers Gen. 9:25 Josh. 9:21-23, 27; Judg. 1:28
5. The people of Shem to be especially blessed by God Gen. 9:26 John 4:22; Rom. 3:1-2; 9:4-5
6. The people of Japheth to share in Shem's blessing Gen. 9:27 Rom. 9:30; 11:11-12, 25
7. The firstborn of all unprotected homes in Egypt to die in one night Exod. 12:12-13 Exod. 12:29-30
8. The Red Sea to part Exod. 14:13-18 Exod. 14:26-31
9. The Jordn River to part Josh 3:13 Josh. 3:14-17
10. Jericho to fall on the seventh day Josh. 6:1-5 Josh 6:20

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