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1. Fallen angels have names. Luke 8:30; Rev. 9:11
2. They speak. Luke 4:34, 41; 8:28; Matt. 8:29; Mark 5:12, Acts 19:15; Mark 3:11
3. They know who Jesus is. Luke 4:34
4. They know of future damnation. Matt. 8:29
5. They know the saved from the unsaved. Rev. 9:4
6. They are able to formulate s satan-centered systematic theology. I Tim. 4:1
7. They possess great strength. Exod. 8:7; 7:11-12; Dan. 10:13; Mark 5:2-4; 9:17-26; Acts 19:16; 2 Cor. 10:4-5; Rev. 9:15-19
8. They experience fear. Luke 8:28; James 2:19
9. They display disdain. Acts 16:15
10. There are unchained angels, having a certain amount of freedome at the present time. Ps. 78:49, Eph. 6:12; Rev. 12:7-9
11. There are chained angels, having no freedom at the present time. 2 Pet. 2:4
12. There are evil angels who rule over the nations of this world. Dan. 10:13
13. A wicked angel named Legion headed up a large group of fallen spirits that had possessed the maniac of Gadara. Mark 5:9
14. The bottomles pit is under the control of an angel called Abaddon (in the Hebrew) and Apollyon (in the Greek). Rev. 9:11
15. Four military angels will lead a hellish army 200 million strong during the latter part of the Tribulation. Rev. 9:16
16. These four angels are now bound in the Euphrates River. Rev. 9:14
17. Some angels are in a place called Tartarus. 2 Pet. 2:4; Jude 6
18. Three angels organize those events which lead to the battle of Armageddon. Rev. 16:13-14
19. Evil angels will be judged by Christ and his Church. I Cor. 6:3
20. They will eventually be cast into the lake of fire forever. Matt. 25:41; 2 Pet. 2:4; Jude 6



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